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  • Flow Description
  • SMS instructions
  • Project instruction
  • Process of obtaining the verification code
  • 1. Select the project

    Search and select the corresponding item of the SMS you want to send and receive according to keywords of the project. You won't be able to send or receive the SMS if chosen the wrong project.For example, the content of SMS is :[Animal Community]Your verification code is:548412, please do not leak it and enter within 3 minutes.Enter "Animal Community" into the query and the system will filter out all the items whose names contain the word.

    2. Setting Number Filtering Rules

    You can select different numbers by countries or operators.The more conditions are required, the less corresponding numbers are available. If there's no specific requirements for the number, you can skip the step and just follow the system's default setting.

    3. Obtaining mobile phone number

    Click the "Obtain phone number" button, the system will assign you a temporary number according to the item and number flittering rules you set.

    4. Utilizing the number

    Fill in the obtained number to the website or APP that you want to complete the verification, trigger the other party to send the SMS, such as clicking the "Get verification code" button on the party's interface.

    5. Receiving an SMS

    Return to the platform and wait for the SMS sent from the other party. It may take some time from sending to receiving the message, please wait patiently. If the system prompts you that receiving message is timeout, please release the number and try again.

    6. Complete the verification

    Fill in the obtained SMS verification code to the website or APP to complete the verification. Release the current number. if need to register multiple times, please repeat the above operation.

  • SMS instructions
  • 1. Will it deduct the charge if I didn't receive the SMS verification code?

    A: Our system will only perform the final deduction after you successfully obtaining the SMS verification code

    2.How to check the personal usage or consumption records?

    1)Click the "Personal business records" menu

    2)The latest usage information displayed in the list can be filtered by query conditions

    3.What if I couldn't receive the SMS?

    The SMS might not able to be received due to various reasons. In this case we suggest you to check the authenticity of your project's selection, or adjust the number filtering rules to regain the number

    If you are still unable to receive it after several attempts. Please contact with our customer service and inform them of the project you are using, our customer service will check and verify further

    If it's just a specific number that cannot receive the SMS, we suggest to release the number and retry again

    4.What if the obtained number has already been registered ?

    Because the operator will put the number again on the market after being out of service for a period of time. we suggest to release the number and require it again later in this case

  • Description of projects
  • 1.How to query the project I want to do ?

    Enter keywords such as "animal" or "animal community" into the query, the system will search for items that contain the keywords for you to select. After selecting the project you want, the system will display the corresponding project number、unit price and other information concerning the project

    2.How to search for the project details?

    1) Enter the keywords of the item that you want to query

    2)Click the "Search" button, all relevant project information will be displayed in the list below

    3.What if I can't find the project I want?

    1) Click the "Feedback" menu

    2) Choose the "Apply for opening Services" through the "Feedback"

    3.)Fill in the service information that you want to apply as well as your contact information so that our customer service can get in touch with you easily

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